• Pipes

    This shelving system is a collaboration with a plumber. The whole structure was inspired by his craft and requires very little machinery. The copper tubes are assembled using traditional plumbing parts, such as Tee and Elbow connections and then brazed. The copper part can be delivered at and assembled on site. These shelves are about two meters high and two meters long.
  • Watch & Play

    This mobile is inspired by Maria Montessori's theory. One color, one texture, only the palets size differs, so that the baby can focus his attention. When the child gets older, the mobile can be dismantled into a game. The palets now helps the child develop his dexterity in a playful way. This object is made out of pine wood and painted with "Pure & Paint", an environmental friendly paint.  
  • 5ème Quartier

    This 16mn documentary gives an insight into the transformation of skins in the small French town of Millau.
     Butchers divide an animal into four quarters, each of them intended for consumption. The fifth quarter, then, is anything that is left and cannot be eaten. The animal skin is an example. This film ‘Le 5ème Quartier’ documents the slow metamorphosis of the skin of the Lacaune sheep from a by-product to a luxury material. The film also explains how the quality of the leather becomes degraded, and how tanneries in the French leather-producing region of Millau are having to import skins from Spain.
  • Scarred Vessels

    ‘Leather is a noble material’, Yoann, skin classifier at Alric Tannery
    Leather manufacturers discard scarred pieces of skin. By using this type of leather the aim is to restore its value and create awareness of what causes the damage. Since tanneries depend on contemporary meat production techniques, scarred leather is appearing more and more frequently. In the first vessel, the metal ‘bone structure’ beneath evokes the stretched skins found in the slaughterhouse. Tough leather is combine in the second with soft lambskin as a reminder of the crossbreeding process. The third combines leather with a vegetable material to recall hay puncturing the skin.  
        Material : sheep leather, metal rod, cow leather, woven willow // Basketry  work : Esme Hofman
  • Light Reflector

    The aim of this set of three objects is to help the use and distribution of natural light in the house. The Light reflected on the white shiny surfaces can be redirected on different scales according to the activities taking place in the room. Making better use of natural light can be an alternative to electrical light.  
    Material : paper , wood, rope, rivets, white PE  
  • Festival Hirondelle

    The Festival Hirondelle, is a music chamber festival taking place every summer in the Auvergne area in the center of France. These posters were used in 2016, 2017 and August 2018.
  • Maurice

    The idea was to imagine a house for a visually impaired person on one hand, Maurice, but also for Nathalie (maurice’s wife) who can see fully.
    DDA hardware are usually an architectural afterthought. What I want to do here is to rethink his house implementing the tactile circulation  from the very first step of the construction. I would like to have both his wife and him benefiting from it. These are some example of how I want to integrate more tactility hardware in the house.
  • Coquetier

    This eggcup was inspired by a childhood memorie of eating boiled eggs.  I dipped a thin slice of bread named “gendarme” in the egg yolk. The thin layer of porcelain  supports the fragile egg and gives room for the “gendarmes”.
      Material : unglazed porcelain        
  • Let’s mooove

    The idea is to bring individuals to a different experience when they exercise. For many people going to the fitness club is more a kind of chore than an enjoyable moment. They get their motivation by focusing on the end result, their future ideal body, rather than the present, which consists in pain and sweat.   This set of tools is inspired by the Greek myth of Sisiphus.The story is that the Gods have condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the rock would fall back of its own weight. This punishment might be seen has a hopeless labour, but if you don’t look at the big picture, Sisiphus can also be considered as a happy man. He finds his pleasure by achieving his daily task and by small details that composes it. My tools have the same function.
      Material : wool, elastic threads, birch wood 
  • Shape it

    This simple piece of clothing is designed by the movements the body makes. Thanks to small magnets placed inside the fabric, each move creates an endless combination of forms. The beauty of those random volumes can also serve as an inspirational tool for the fashion industry.
    Model : Ariane Loze

      Material : dyed cotton fabric, magnets